Friday, November 12, 2010

Terrorist Attack On Toys!

Things have been going great between Jessie, Mike, and new puppy Veatch! The little guy loves his new home and all of the attention he gets. He is extremely well behaved and is very eager to please which makes training a breeze... expect for one small detail.

He's a power chewer. A very powerful power chewer.

Jessie and Mike have been searching day and night for a toy that will stand up to Veatch. He LOVES squeaker toys so he was given a stuffing less toy just in case it got ripped. Well now it had no squeaker and is just a torn up piece of fabric on its way to the garbage can.

So Jessie and Mike went to PetCo and found this really neat duck that you can sling shot really far. Well a half hour later and the duck was down a wing and some stitches on its belly. The package stated that the toy was double stitched and indestructible... yeah.... right...

Next Jessie and Mike bought the mini Orka Frisbee. Veatch has one Orka toy he has yet to even think about chewing up because its a treat holder. Jessie uses it each time she feeds him and fills the ball up with his dinner or breakfast (the remaining ration gets put in his bowl). Well this too is now on its way to the garbage can and so is the chunk that was chewed off.

She's done some research on her own and found the Planet Dog Orbee brand which claims to be able to stand up to powerful chewers. She got the Orbee Glow for Good Ball and we're all very curious to see how it ends up.

The interesting thing is that Veatch doesn't chew up anything but his toys. He also has a rubber ball from PetCo he hasn't chewed up yet, but Jessie thinks it's because he rarely plays with it. He does nibble on fingers and toes and Jessie and Mike are working to teach the little guy biting hurts and he's not allowed to bite anything but his toys.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on durable toys? Kong's are no good, not that they don't stand up, Veatch just doesn't seem to like them. (Jessie thinks it's their odd smell). Toys with fabric are a joke to the little guy, although the rubber toys seems to loose his attention. Rope toys are ripped into itsy bitsy tinnie weenie pieces. Jessie wants to stay away from raw hides and has heard Nylabones but isn't so sure. So any ideas? The Orbee should be here next week and we'll post again on how it stands up. But until then Jessie is desperate for suggestions to keep the little guy occupied!

Pictures of the destruction coming soon!